How I Met Your Mother Season 2, Episode 12: First Time in New York - Songs and Soundtrack

Episode Recap

In "First Time in New York," the twelfth episode of the second season of How I Met Your Mother, Robin's younger sister, Katie, visits New York City for the first time. The gang decides to take her on a tour of the city, showing her iconic landmarks and sharing stories of their own "first times" in the Big Apple. Meanwhile, Lily and Marshall struggle with the decision to move in together, and Ted wrestles with his feelings for Robin.

Songs Featured in the Episode

Music plays an important role in setting the tone and atmosphere of any television show, and "First Time in New York" is no exception. Several songs are featured throughout the episode, enhancing the emotional impact of key scenes and adding depth to the characters' experiences. Here are the notable songs that appear in this episode:

Impact of Music on the Episode

The carefully selected songs in "First Time in New York" contribute to the overall atmosphere and storytelling of the episode. By complementing the characters' emotions and experiences, the music helps to create memorable moments that resonate with viewers. From capturing the thrill of new experiences to underscoring the emotional journey of the characters, the soundtrack of this episode plays a vital role in bringing the story to life.


Season 2, Episode 12 of How I Met Your Mother, "First Time in New York," is a standout episode that masterfully uses music to enhance the storytelling and evoke a range of emotions. The featured songs not only set the tone for various scenes but also help to create a memorable experience for viewers. As the episode unfolds, the soundtrack truly becomes an integral part of the journey, making "First Time in New York" an unforgettable chapter in the How I Met Your Mother saga.